Wednesday, December 4, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

Prompt #17...Write about your ideal place in 400 words.

A quiet stillness settles over the trees as a gentle breeze barely rustles the newly turning leaves. From the back porch, you can look out over the groves of trees and the rolling fields of grass as the sun begins its dip below the horizon. The sky paints itself with a multitude of colors that blend seamlessly. A warm cup of coffee sits on a wicker table beside the gliding rocker bench.

You drink in this solitude where the noise and bustle of daily life quiets and slows. This is your home where you take refuge and yet you feel connected to the vast infiniteness of God in this tranquil moment. You are alone, but far from lonely as you watch the setting sun. Quicker than you realize, the sun sinks completely beneath the horizon and the sky fills with twinkling lights.

Your spirit and soul find renewal to face the evening craziness of cooking, cleaning, homework, and bedtimes. Tomorrow’s worries seem so far away as you drink in the beauty that surrounds you. A smile touches your lips as you hear the creak of the old screen door and the thumps of feet on the wooden porch.


“Yes, baby?”

“When are we going to eat? I’m hungry.”

You laugh lightly and pat the cushion of the bench beside you. “Come sit with me for a moment.”

A long-suffering sigh reaches your ear, but the bench shakes as she climbs beside you and snuggles against your arm.

“Why do you always sit out here?”

You don’t answer at first as you wrap your arm around her shoulders.

“Because it’s a chance for me to be quiet and still, to listen and to see all that God has made. Sometimes, baby, Momma needs to be alone so she can remember that her blessings are many.”

“You get all that from sitting out here.”


She’s quiet for a moment, and you finish the last sip of your coffee as the last bit of pink completely fades from the sky.

“Could I sit out here with you if I promise to be really quiet?”

You smile down at her face.

“I would like that. Now, go on in and wash your hands. You can help me fix supper.”

Her smile nearly breaks her face and your heart warms with a familiar glow. Here in this place you know, you are home.

Word Count: 400