Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three-Made up meanings

10 real words with made up meanings (admittedly some of them are obsolete words)

1. gambrinus- a sweaty gambler

2. namaste- something you yell when in Japan to let people know they should not do something

3. velleity- the measure of how much something is like vellum

4. thanatognomonic- the way a king goes about memorizing things

5. killdeer- the act of hunting and then killing a deer while running naked through the woods with your hair on fire.

6. paroxysm- what happens in the brain when you really tick someone off.

7. calamistrate- to make plans to dominate world with your evil henchmen while doing calisthenics

8. dejerate- to attempt to apologize for jeering at someone by giving them a high rating

9. marcesible- When something is prone to causing errors during attempts to access it such as typing the wrong password to get into your email.

10. orcast- this is what the weatherman does when he or she does not really no what's going to happen in the forcast they give an "or"cast in which a variety of possibilities for what the weather is going to be like are presented.

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