Friday, November 22, 2013

Trying Something New

Prompt 8- Write down 40 things that happened to you this month (embarrassing, funny, sad, happy, infuriating) and pick one to write about...

40 Things that Happened to Me this Month:

So I'm going to hide full list I made, but feel free to check it out if you want.

Trying Something New

If you're introvert, you'll understand what I say when I tell you that I can think of nothing more wonderful that a quiet night at home with my hubby, a book or movie, and nothing else going on. That being said, I also like to try new things like when I got free tickets to the symphony or discounted tickets to a hockey game. Growing up in a small rural town-ok, that's a lie. Growing up on a farm 20 minutes from the nearest Walmart, aka the social hub of everything in rural Tennessee, left me with a rather repetitive experience. Great for my introversion, not so great for my love of trying and learning new things. So when a friend in our church small group said, "Hey, anyone interested in free tickets to the CMA Country Christmas?" my thoughts went something like this:

Free tickets?
I like free.
Country music?
My hubby likes country music and I do as well.
It's the day after your big benefit dinner?
So what, it's free and we've never done this before!
Let's do it!

Out loud, I probably just said, "We are interested." Since the hubs was out of town for work I made an executive couple decision and then told him about it when he came home. Fortunately, after eight years of marriage, I still know this man pretty well. He was game.

Over the week details were worked out with the couple and some others to carpool. We met up and headed to downtown Nashville. We were all dressed up, because this was a taping for a TV special.

We arrived grab some concession that doubled as dinner. It was certainly amusing to be in my cute sweater dress, tights, and boots while eating a concession stand hot dog. Needless to say, the hot dog delighted my taste buds in the way only something from a concession stand can.

Once the group finished eating, one of the members realized she had misplaced her ticket! Oh, no. However, not to worry, we had a couple extras because two people backed out of our outing at the last minute. We made our way into the arena to find that our seats were on the main floor right next to this:
The center stage from which the introductions of the acts would be made was directly behind our seats. This allowed me to grab a couple of amazing shots of the beautiful Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland.

Because it was a taping for a TV. Some of the acts would perform twice in order to get a better take. We got to hear the amazing vocals of Mary J Blige alongside Ms. Nettles singing Do you hear what I hear? twice, because Ms. Blige's first wardrobe choice of a strapless gown would not stay in a position which she was comfortable with. She came back with a different dress and rocked it out for a second time.

Lucy Hale, one of the lead actress of Pretty Little Liars and a Memphis, TN native, sang a song and was super cute as she walked off the stage. She shared, "This is the biggest crowd, I've ever sang in front of!" If you can't tell from the pictures, the Bridgestone Arena was packed to the gills that night. She did a wonderful job and looked beautiful as well.

It was an amazing experience! And since we were on the main floor so close to the stage, we even had a moment where the cameras were filming us from about two feet away! If I'm on TV, I might freak out a little. But to be honest, it was incredibly difficult not to focus on the camera and keep my eyes on the stage.

The night was long and after four hours of no bathroom breaks, we had to make a pit stop before heading home. Of course,  the women's line was outrageous as it always is at events. However, it was worth risking the explosion of my bladder to not miss a moment of the show.

All I can say after all that is that it was an experience that I would love to repeat even if it means giving up my quiet night at home with the hubby.

And here are a few other shots from the night...

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